The stories of those who entered the world of agriculture 4.0


Traceability of signature ingredients
Traceability is increasingly important and, in this project, it is linked to an essential ingredient needed for the final product. A guarantee of reliability of production forecasts and purchase of raw materials, coming from all around the world. A guarantee for the consumer, coming from all around the world.
Thanks to standardisation and scalability. A single platform for data processing with real-time reporting, to achieve efficiency in the collection of data and reliability of information, to manage a total of 1,744 contracts and 38,000 hectares.

From sowing seeds to the finished product
When the company vision is as healthy as the final product. For an Italian tomato producer, it is essential to achieve complete monitoring, and therefore traceability, of quality and productivity for the entire group, to guarantee the same to its consumers.
By way of customised configuration, aimed at monitoring production using agrometeorological indices and satellite observation, and data analysis for production planning as well as process and resource optimisation.

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Farmer standing in a rice field with a tablet.

The real farm to fork process in the end-to-end supply chain
For an end-to-end supply chain, it is essential not only to ensure the traceability of raw materials, but also to simplify the management of suppliers, both from a contractual point of view and with regard to the verification of agricultural practices.
Thanks to the careful planning of quantities and the monitoring of the quality of production through reliable and timely data; thanks to the implementation of the product traceability tree and the integrated management of the supply chain (for a total of 7,000 hectares and 202 companies).

Safeguarding local communities, in addition to nature
The need for a more sustainable approach is not limited to agriculture but is also important in respect of local communities. For example, how important is it to use an alternative and effective method for cultivating cocoa? In this case we are talking about a place that is at risk in terms of biodiversity and deforestation due to intensive agriculture.
Through our software we help collect data on the type of crops, on the methodologies used to support local farmers towards achieving a more efficient and environmentally friendly production process.

Aromatic cocoa beans as background, Cocoa Beans and Cocoa Fruits on wooden.