By combining field surveys with innovative technologies such as sensors and satellites, production can be monitored and mapped, offering preventive strategies to estimate crop quality and yield.
These digital tools dedicated to all supply chains can improve the quality and predict the quantity of production ensuring complete traceability and food safety for end consumers.

How it works

Yield estimation is available through ABACO Farmer digital solution, the platform that integrates with IoT sensors, machinery and other digital solutions providing users with innovative tools:

Field surveys

Field data collection on season trends and yield potential.

Remote monitoring

Use of satellite indices for remote monitoring of crops and their status. Site-specific data acquisition using AI and time series comparison.

Forecasting models

Development of models for automated yield forecasting.


Towards an automated yield estimation

Starting from field surveys, ABACO Farmer collects information on season trends and yield potential. By linking data from satellite observation, drone footage and data from working equipment and sensors in the field, this enables crop monitoring and time series comparisons to develop models for automated yield forecasting.



of processes and resources


of quality and productivity


of product traceability


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Learn how to develop automated and accurate yield estimation by combining field surveys, remote monitoring and multi-year analysis.

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