From the field to the table

The entire value chain under control

Ensure the application of the management protocol and the traceability of products grown by the supplying farms throughout all product processing phases, up to the point of sale.
This guarantees complete traceability, from the field to the table, to promote operational and information transparency, better protecting brands and end consumers.


Definition of the structure and organisation of the production chain.
Planning consists in selecting the supplying companies. This process involves all the lead companies of the supply chain that work with external suppliers, to evaluate and select the producers deemed suitable.


Monitoring of all players involved: control – support – ongoing communication.
Monitoring involves the control and support of supplying companies. This process may also involve large companies that manage smaller subsidiaries or associations such as cooperatives and wine estates


Traceability of the product.
Identification of all the steps during production and processing. Processing can be limited to the delivery of the harvested product or can include all processing phases and all companies.

In one environment we integrate contractual and management aspects with agricultural practice and provide a worldwide platform for global supplies
Through which it is possible to visualise the origin and the transformations that led to the final product.
We ensure product traceability by generating traceability codes.
With the integration of blockchain, it is also possible for information recorded along the supply chain to be notarised via a computerised register.