Adopting sustainable practices in agriculture and agribusiness can help the agricultural sector meet the needs of current and future generations fairly and responsibly.

How it works

ABACO Farmer is developed with a modular approach to offer specific solutions tailored for every need. Thanks to our strategic partners, such as ERM, we now offer a module specifically dedicated to sustainability in agriculture and agribusiness sectors.

Carbon footprint

The calculation is based on the main emission factors: field activities (scope 1), electricity consumption (scope 2), production and transport of technical means (scope 3).

Carbon stock

This module facilitates the collection of data to measure and track this potentially harmful gas. Carbon credits can be purchased to balance out the emissions.

Water footprint

Water Footprint indicates water consumption: an adaptable tool to define where water resources are used the most and to assess consequences on the environment.

Soil health

Tailored suggestions to farmers on how to improve their soils health and productivity, tracking improvements resulting from better soil management practices.


This module includes maps dedicated to profitability and biodiversity, allowing analysis and intra-plot variability over the years and throughout the seasons.


The sustainable future of Agritech

Abaco have developed a module dedicated to the sustainability of the agricultural sector: based on data and information currently collected and monitored by the ABACO Farmer solution, the user will be able to collect and disseminate sustainability-related data and KPIs in line with current regulations



of sustainability indicators


consumption of water resources


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Discover how to decrease and measure the impact of your activities on the environment.

Thanks to ABACO Farmer:

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CO2 emissions
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