We innovate agriculture, we believe in the future of our planet

We digitise field operations to ensure effective and customised management based on the needs of each customer and user.

Our challenge

  • To ensure the traceability of products and guarantee their quality and safety.
  • To limit the impact on the environment.
  • To promote the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices in supply chains, respecting people, the environment and local communities.
  • To predict the quality and quantity of commodities to be produced with accurate estimates and analyses.

ABACO Farmer, the digital solution tailored to your every need

Do you work in the agro-industry? Do you manage a supply chain?

Discover the full version of ABACO Farmer, fully configurable and integrable based on your needs.
ABACO analyses your needs and objectives to develop bespoke projects. Monitor activities in the field, managing everything in one place, aggregating and exploiting your data.

The right solution for financial institutions and insurance companies

We support the insurance sector in the analysis of products for the protection of investments in agriculture, land and property, thanks to solutions allowing indices, data and technical analyses to be transformed into know-how for risk management activities.

Do you own or manage a small farm?

ABACO Farmer R2U is made for you.
ABACO Farmer Ready to Use was created for farmers, agricultural consultants and anyone who wishes to manage plots of up to 50 hectares in an innovative way.

Do you own a vineyard?

ABACO4Grapes combines its extensive experience in the field with the use of predictive models capable of estimating the yield of the grapes, the goal being to offer new preventive strategies aimed at improving the quality and yield of the harvest.

Are you an agronomist?

The advanced and multi-company version of the ABACO Farmer R2U subscription will allow you to manage all the companies you follow, through the same user account, on the same platform.

Are you a university, technical college or vocational – agricultural school?

Are you a university, technical college or vocational – agricultural school? Thanks to the calls for funding and grants through National Operational Programmes, it is possible to access a training programme in the field of Agriculture 4.0, focusing on new technologies in the sector.


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