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STREAM THE (ABACO) FARMER is the new webinar series born from the desire to inform and involve end users regarding our platform, to demonstrate its features and potential.
We will accompany you in the discovery of all the features of the platform, both on your desktop and mobile. In addition to the guided demo by our experts, you will have the opportunity to interact with our agronomists and experts who are specialised in the use of digital farming tools, to understand how to make the most of the technologies and information you will obtain through the use of ABACO Farmer.

Each webinar will be live streamed on our social media channels
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In the meantime, you can use Youtube simultaneous translation to view English subtitles.

#1 ABACO Farmer

What did we talk about?
A demo will show you how our platform can support you in digitising activities and exploiting the data you already have as well as the data you do not know how to exploit yet. Following this, an agronomist specialised in the use of satellite and agrometeorological indices will highlight how to make the most of the technologies and information that you will obtain thanks to ABACO Farmer.

#2 ABACO4Grapes

What did we talk about?
Giovanni Bigot, the agronomist who created the Bigot Index, or the index of quality potential, and owner of the partner company Perleuve, speaks about the value of monitoring the main agronomic factors. Following on from this, one of our expert agronomists will provide a demo to show the modules and features of the platform in the version dedicated to wine-growing, for the management of the entire wine making process.


#3 Smart farming and tax credit

What did we talk about?

This is the best time to buy a smart farming platform and enter the world of agriculture 4.0.

Seeing the webinar we created in collaboration with Praxi on July 14, you can find out how the 50% tax credit works and how you can benefit from it by purchasing ABACO Farmer, what’s new this year and why it’s so convenient.



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