Our solution for professionals

The multi-company ABACO Farmer R2U subscription is for you

Do you need to manage all the companies you support in one place?
We have designed pre-configured packages of 3 or 5 companies for you.

If you wish to add more companies, please contact us!


It allows you to manage all the companies you follow with the same user, on the same platform, with access to advanced features and pre-recorded training.


€ 599 / year

How to become a Farmer Ambassador

We select new Farmer Ambassadors each year.
Would you like to know more? You can find all the information here.

What we expect from our Ambassadors

Farmer Ambassadors collaborate with ABACO for one year.
We ask all our Ambassadors to support our innovative philosophy by sharing, teaching and extending the collaboration. As an Ambassador, you must welcome at least 3 new members of ABACO Farmer who, thanks to you, will benefit from a 15% discount, promote the platform in a technical way with skills and creativity and communicating through social media (sharing posts and interviews that allow us to bring to light real use cases), endorsing to the Community Code of Conduct.

What you can expect from us

As our Farmer Ambassador, we will provide you with the platform free of charge with consultant access and you can access bite-size training on various topics.
We are honoured by your participation and will acknowledge this on our website, plus you will also be involved in our private events! You will also be able to join the Farmer Ambassador Community where you can access our network, taking advantage of advanced training from our experts with whom you can interact.

Promote innovative growth and guide customers through the digital world!

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