Increase productivity and efficiency

Organise and develop your resources

The platform will be shaped around your specific situation: the more data it has, the better the consulting and support systems at your disposal.

Digitise the entire production process

From the digitisation of the company to the management of its master data (company and supplier data), the available resources and factors of production, including plots, workers, warehouses, equipment, costs and revenues, buildings and installations.
The creation of agronomic protocols makes it possible to plan and then schedule all agricultural activities for a harvest year and for specific crop varieties, with the possibility of linking the planning to the phenological phases of the crops.

Historical weather data and up to 7-day weather forecasts support the planning of activities, just as the warnings set by selecting criticality thresholds are essential for the execution of activities.
Finally, the platform allows you to print out reports, dossiers and your agricultural practices, which are always updated and recorded, to export the information of interest to you or to generate, for example, your Logbook (Field Book).

Manage your resources and keep costs always under control

With ABACO Farmer you can manage all the warehouses of the resources used in the field including machinery or equipment, the crop protection products, fertilisers and the harvested product, as well as the labour, that is, personnel or contractors. Management of resources that guarantees traceability of production batches, all resource handling, equipment operation and hours of use as well as their position on a map by virtue of a GPS signal, monitoring of attendance and work shifts of the labour force and analysis of your consumption as well as of costs and revenues by plot, by activity and by crop, broken down by type of resources used.


Add and manage the plots that belong to your company by digitising them directly onto a map.
Specify the crop, the variety grown, and the sowing date or the start of the growth cycle.
Organise crop rotations and create groups of plots based on your experience and your company’s specific situation.


Add and configure your field equipment. Visualise its location in real-time via GPS, as well as the hours of use broken down by activity and hourly costs.
Combine self-propelled and trailed machines for more immediate management in the recording of planned and executed activities.
Attach administrative documentation (Insurance) for easy reference.


Add and manage your suppliers, specifying their role (Company, consultant, professional, contractor, service provider) to have an overall view of your production process.


Enter the people who work in your company, specifying their role and grouping them into work teams if they carry out the same type of activity together. In the details regarding the labour force, you can specify the start and end date of employment to simplify the management of seasonal or temporary workers and permanent employees.


Enter the data relating to your storage warehouses so as to always have stock and all loading or unloading activities under control. Access our databases (e.g. Fertilisers and Crop Protection Products) full of information (dosages and much more) and details always available to users, who can add new elements to expand them just the same.

Costs and Revenues

Enter and configure all information relating to your company’s operating expenses. Assign a cost to each production factor (Equipment, Workers, Seeds, Fertilisers, Crop Protection Products) specifying the time frame to which it refers and display the cost history both graphically and as a list.


Plan and execute your activities in the field and those related to production. The calendar allows you to have a complete and up-to-date view of the operations carried out, those which have not been carried out and those that are planned, in addition to specifying the utilisation of resources, the plot concerned and any costs.


Print out your up-to-date reports, dossiers and agricultural practices. A PDF document will always be available to you, providing a summary of the agricultural activities carried out in the field and the crop protection products and fertilisers used during the selected harvest year.

View your data immediately

Real dashboards, customisable but also available in a standard version, which provide you with a summarised, immediate and detailed view of all the areas and activities of the farm.

A few standard examples


Business soundness, crop plan, plots, agronomic and regulatory protocols.


Monitoring of scheduled and executed activities with views by single plot and by crop.


Accurate management of consumption by the production process with an indication of costs and revenues.