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Are you a university, technical college or vocational – agricultural school?
Are you interested in an educational experience in the classroom and/or in the field?

Thanks to the calls for funding and grants through National Operational Programmes, you can also access a training programme in the field of Agriculture 4.0, focusing on new technologies in the sector.
Together, we will explore matters pertaining to Farm Management, such as the digitisation of a farm’s production factors, the digital management of plots, machines and equipment; Documentary Requirements, such as the consultation of the labels of crop protection products and the grades of fertilisers; the use of Satellite Indices, that is, how they are read and interpreted; and we will focus on Agrometeorological Indices, looking at both historical and forecast data, to include the configuration of alerts based on the crops present and the main critical issues relating to the context in which the company operates.

Why choose ABACO EDU

We believe that the training of future professionals in the field of agriculture is essential in this moment of total revolution to contribute to making the agro-industry more sustainable. We know how important it is for an educational establishment in the sector to equip itself with cutting-edge technologies, bringing students ever closer to the use of tools that support the daily work of any professional in an innovative way.

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