The 4 challenges to be met for a sustainable agriculture

1- Ensuring funding and tools for farmers
It is necessary to safeguard the wellbeing of all people working in the supply chains and to promote the adoption of responsible farming practices, to foster inclusive economic growth and to ensure that all farmers have better working conditions so that they can contribute to sustainable agriculture.

2- Guaranteeing product quality and safety
Product traceability is synonymous with guaranteeing quality and safety from the control of raw materials, through production and distribution, to the table. The importance of active cooperation on the part of end consumers should not be underestimated: thanks to transparent communication, they would have total product awareness.

3- Safeguarding soil fertility
Invasive practices must make way for sustainable ones, aimed at protecting soil health and fertility, as well as contributing to the maintenance of biodiversity. A valuable support is provided by technology, which makes it possible to prevent crop-related risks and diseases and allows for targeted and conscious action.

4- Protecting the ecosystem and environmental resources
Intelligent and automated process management makes it possible to optimise resources, avoiding waste, reducing environmental impact and promoting the preservation of ecosystems. Agriculture 4.0 makes it possible to intervene in advance, avoiding damage; and to calibrate the substances to be used, reducing water and energy consumption, resource pollution and soil deterioration.