Five reasons why you should choose ABACO Farmer to digitise your farming activities

Today, smart farming is a safe investment that guarantees specific benefits such as saving time, money, resources, optimising production and yield in a sustainable way.

Why choose ABACO Farmer? At least five good reasons.

Total integration
One of the advantages that sets us apart is that we integrate with all existing third-party solutions and business systems such as CRM and ERP, with any agricultural machinery or equipment and any type of weather stations or IoT sensors. ABACO Farmer allows access to 4.0 technology by exploiting the benefits of a tool that is certified and therefore eligible for the hyper-depreciation and tax credit.

In most cases, the company or supply chain is already in possession of software or hardware whose performance can be optimised if integrated with a Smart Farming platform that allows data exchange and total interconnection.

Your data safe, for real
ABACO guarantees security and transparency in the handling of customer data. To ensure a high degree of quality and reliability, the software and infrastructure are certified with the highest security levels.

More efficient and sustainable performance
It is not just a figure of speech, the use of a single, integrated smart farming platform enables optimisation of work, reducing time and achieving both higher quality and an increase in production capacity of up to 20%. Expected cost savings are around 16% and up to 35% for consumption. A much simpler way of working in the field, thanks also to the recording of activities and the simplified production of reports.

ABACO Farmer also makes it possible to become part of a virtuous circle: smart farming supports the user in planning activities and enables the farm to produce in the true name of sustainability, while reducing costs and improving yields.

How? From reducing the use of products such as fertilisers, to reducing waste, from spreading at variable rates to saving fuel, from reducing the number of steps needed to complete tasks to indicating constraints.

Take advantage of a huge data archive
ABACO Farmer provides every user with the most extensive and up-to-date environmental, agronomic and administrative database useful to the agricultural sector. Thirty years and more of experience of the company have enabled it to provide its customers with a rich database of data, which is constantly being updated and increased. Access to this archive makes it possible to monitor a wide variety of information, as well as to obtain valid and reliable decision support, an effective reduction in risks due to out-of-date data, and a consequent saving of time and reduction of costs related to information management and verification.

What information are we talking about? From those derived from satellite observation such as high-resolution satellite images and predictive and historical weather data to the import of additional data from further databases, such as customer databases or national crop protection and fertiliser databases, from technological tools such as drones and IoT sensors.

Easy, guided, tailored
The company is constantly striving to offer an even better user experience, optimising and simplifying the experience of each individual user, from the agronomist to the supply chain, from the winery to the agricultural consortium. A 15-day free trial period has been introduced in order to test some of the portal’s potential with one’s own eyes, in addition to the standard modalities that provide for a customised demo to identify together with the ABACO team the solution best suited to one’s own needs or to request a tailor-made solution for any specific requirements.

And once the user has become a user? The user will never be alone: he will have the support team at his disposal to answer any technical queries and the sales team to evaluate any developments to the solution.