Monitoring water requirement in greenhouses

In the Mediterranean area, irrigation systems used in protected environments distribute water resources evenly. However, the risk is that both excessively wet areas and areas that do not receive necessary amounts of water develop.
Generally, less irrigated areas located at the edges of greenhouses, in fact, show diversity in crop development. Under similar circumstances, over-fertilization or the distribution of fertilizers at unsuitable times causes crop malformation or the raising of soil pH.

Good irrigation, on the other hand, should be carried out according to crop development and should reduce interventions during cultivation to avoid the development of fungal diseases. How to rationalize water use? With the use of soil moisture sensors and microclimate monitoring, it is possible to identify the actual water requirements for each crop according to the season.
Thus, management of agricultural practices needs digital solutions that make it possible to schedule and execute activities, manage work teams, machinery and equipment, and monitor related costs and consumption.